About UCS

We Are Member of TRG Investama

PT Teknologi Riset Global Investama (TRG Investama) was established in 2007 and started a business with a focus on investing in Information Technology and Telecommunication.

Our vision is to become an investment company with a profitabl ebusiness portfolio and the best choice for local and global partners/investors.

The Faces Behind our Success

UCS is led by proven industry experts with decades of experience in project management, ports, logistics, energy, waste, and maritime sectors.

Abdul Satar

President Commissioner

Arlan Septia Ananda Rasam

President Director

David GK Ketaren

Project Director

Dani Rusli Utama

Port & Logistic Project Director

Agus Maryono

Waste & Water Project Director

Muhammad Andika

General Manager


Business Analyst

Muswendry Evytes

Water Treatment Plant Expert